Building Control Sytems (BMS)

Building Control Systems (BMS)

Working with our partners, Foztek Ltd specialise in servicing, maintaining and repairing a wide Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) Building Management Systems (BMS).

By installing a complete BEMS or BMS system you will have the convenience of your whole plant operating automatically. This can include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, meter interfacing and much more, all of which can be controlled from a centralised device or from any PC or device in the wold.

We understand that every business and every building is unique, evolving over time. Therefore, we offer a range of flexible services tailored to suit your specific requirements, all of which are in line with industry approved standards.

The below is an overview of the services we can provide, but please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.


BMS Service, Installation, Optimisation, Upgrades & Remote Support

Panel Manufacture & Design

LED Lighting design, installations and Pay Back Reports

Energy Dashboards

Solar Supply and Installation

Energy Procurement and Billing Validation

Mechanical Service, Installation and Energy Efficient Upgrades

Variable Speed Drives

Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Service, Installation and Energy Efficient Upgrades

Our BEMS and BMS systems are designed to optimise the performance of your heating, cooling and ventilation system, so you can also benefit from energy reduction therefore resulting in cheaper energy bills.